Sales Notification

John Marthon 🔥

Just purchase a video course.

20min ago

Show sales notification to your customer and gain trust.

Email Collector

Weekly Newsletter 🔥

Collect emails from users for Newsletters and more.

Coupon Discount

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Use code & get 25% instant discount. 

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Present users with coupon discounts.

Emoji Feedback

Collect emoji feedback from your user to improve your website. 

Live Visitor

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Show active users on your website.

Website Review

Kevin Darlong 🔥

I have got the best deal and I’m super happy.


Show reviews to new users to gain trust.

Social Share

Present social share buttons so users can tell their friends about your site.

Request Collector


Let us know & we will get back to you.

Allow users to request an email or call back.

Cookie Notification

This is website use cookie to ensure you get the best experience on our website. 

Present a cookie consent box for users to accept.

Score Feedback

How do you rate our website?


Let users submit a rating for your website or specific product.


Offers Expires In 🔥

Show timers on your website for upcoming offers.

Video Slider

Show a Youtube video with a call to action button.